My Agency Pipeline

My Agency Pipeline Software commonly referred to as MAPS is a cloud based sales pipeline tool used by insurance agencies all over the world.  Developed in partnership with several successful insurance agencies, MAPS provides the most cost effective and complete sales tracking software on the market.  We quickly discovered that the insurance industry lacked a workflow management tool for capturing pre-bound leads.  Most insurance companies have a process for managing their sales pipelines, but those processes are not automated and pieces of the process tend to be forgotten or dropped because they are not tracked or automated.   As an insurance agency owner, how would you like a tool that lets you know what your staff was doing, how your sales pipeline looks, if your marketing dollars are being spent in the most effective places, and how much potential money you have waiting to be bound.  MAPS does this for you in an easy-to-use online interface.  Reports can be automatically emailed out and every step of the workflow process can be easily configured so things don’t get dropped.  If you want to take back control and have the ability to manage the sales pipeline process of your agency more effectively, contact us to find out more about how MAPS can help your business.  Visit our website at