Who We Are


SeikoSoft LLC was founded in 2008 by two software engineers, Mr. Cody Marshall and Mr. Chris Campbell, as an incubator company for software products meeting specific needs in specific niche markets.  It officially launched its first product Simplicity debt collection software in 2010.  The name SeikoSoft is derived from the Japanese word “seiko” meaning success, and “soft” implying software … “software to help you succeed”.  The mission statement and company goal has always been to create successful software products that enhance and simplify lives.  Since its inception, SeikoSoft has developed several successful software products used in the collection, mortgage, insurance, and printing worlds today.  As a company SeikoSoft has the development resources, business sense, and sales and marketing expertise to ensure that software products are brought to market in a timely manner, optimized for the web, and supported efficiently and effectively.   Contact us if you have a software idea that you would like to see become a reality.